Building Relationships for Long-term Success

Arcmont is a pioneer in the market for Private Debt in Europe and remains a key driver of the growth of Private Debt as an asset class.

The firm was founded in 2011, originally as the Private Debt division of BlueBay Asset Management and has raised more than €29 billion since inception having committed €26 billion in 350+ deals across 12 European countries. In 2019 Arcmont spun out to become independently owned and managed; we are specialists investing in a wide range of businesses, industries and markets, which require expertise, flexibility and innovative thinking.

Arcmont aims to provide capital to high quality businesses with strong management teams. Our approach is that of a true investor in businesses, rather than a lender, and we strive to build relationships to ensure we are continuously backing our partners as their needs evolve.

As of March 2023 Nuveen have acquired a majority interest in Arcmont. The remaining equity in Arcmont, which is and will continue to be owned by Arcmont employees, along with the existing Churchill equity, which will continue to be owned by Churchill senior management, has been simultaneously rolled into new equity of Nuveen Private Capital as part of the transaction. This will ensure alignment of the interests of each team to the growth of the overall Nuveen Private Capital platform.

The new ownership structure shall have no effect on the underlying funds managed or advised by Arcmont.

Specialists in Lending to European Businesses

Our size, scale and Pan-European presence enables us to meet the needs of medium- and large-sized businesses across Europe.

Arcmont’s experienced team helped to establish the European Private Debt market, where, over a number of years, we have developed close relationships with a large number of businesses and leading private equity and advisory firms. We are a trusted and reliable partner with access to proprietary deal flow and exclusive relationships.

The versatility of our strategies enables us to design innovative financing arrangements for all types of businesses, in different growth stages or economic cycles.

Investment Philosophy and Values

We aim to provide flexible and creative capital solutions to our partners, while delivering attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns for investors.

In all cases, we operate with the highest levels of integrity, reliability, and transparency. We are passionate about supporting businesses and strive to be Europe’s leading Private Debt investment platform.


We operate to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, compliance, transparency and honesty.


We aim to deliver attractive, absolute and risk-adjusted returns to investors.


We offer a wide range of capital solutions using various investment products.

Creativity & Innovation

We are creative about providing bespoke financing solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses.


We work in partnership with our investors, portfolio companies and their owners to optimise each parties’ objectives.


We work to deliver best-in-class outcomes, creating an environment where our employees can grow, develop and innovate.