An Investing Strategy Founded on Partnerships

We develop strong relationships with our portfolio companies and work in partnership to provide the bespoke solutions they require in the short, medium and long-term.

We frequently provide follow-on funding for capital expenditure and acquisitions and seek to stay involved with our companies for several years, often across multiple re-financings and ownership changes.

As one of the pioneers of the European Private Debt market, we have also built a deep network of long-standing relationships with some of Europe’s premier private equity firms, strengthened by our track record of innovative thinking, execution deliverability and consistency of support. We are therefore regularly able to make investments which we have been shown on an exclusive, or preferred basis.

We carry out our own proprietary analysis and research, rather than relying on others. This intensive due diligence and careful credit selection underpins our successful track record of capital preservation in all market conditions.

Flexible Strategies to Address Different Business Needs

Our multiple investment strategies span the spectrum of Private Debt, enabling us to offer a wide range of solutions to businesses across the capital structure, as well as addressing their different stages of development and changing market environments.

Senior Lending

This strategy aims to provide senior loans where our loans are significantly protected by the value of the business. We target companies that exhibit steady, stable and cash generative business models. The aim is to generate low risk, attractive returns, with a focus on preservation of capital through conservative structuring.

Strategy Capital
as of December 2023
Funded Vintages
as of December 2023

Direct Lending

This strategy invests in a defensive, diversified portfolio consisting mainly of senior loans, as well as unitranche, second lien and subordinated loans. Although most loans are senior secured, we are also able to hold equity or warrant positions alongside those loans, providing upside potential through equity participation in select situations.

Strategy Capital
as of December 2023
Fund Vintages
as of December 2023

Capital Solutions

This strategy provides funding to companies facing an economic downturn or given a dislocation in their respective industry or markets. It also targets secondary trading opportunities, as well as complex situations, including investing through the capital structure, where we believe attractive risk-adjusted returns can be achieved. Arcmont will help fund liquidity or rescue financing as a collaborative and strategic source of capital with the patience to allow companies to recover, and with the restructuring expertise to help businesses navigate difficult environments.

Strategy Capital
as of December 2023
Fund Vintage
as of December 2023