Our Commitment to Responsible Investing

Consistent with our goal of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long-term, we aim to achieve the highest possible standards of responsible investing.

Arcmont believes ESG factors can have a material impact on a business’ long-term financial performance. Therefore, combining traditional financial analysis with ESG-related management practices and performance reporting is not only prudent, but in line with Arcmont’s fiduciary duty to optimise investor returns.

ESG Integration at Arcmont

Arcmont has a long-standing history of incorporating ESG into its investment risk processes. We have been a member of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since July 2013.

Arcmont practices responsible investing at every stage of the investment process, in accordance with our Responsible Investment Policy, which applies to all of our co-mingled funds and associated vehicles.

Excluded industry screening

At the pre-investment stage, prospective investments are screened in accordance with Arcmont’s Exclusions Policy, which provides a list of the industries and products, which we consider to be outside of the responsible investment universe.

ESG Integration

Arcmont’s investment process involves extensive ESG research and analysis using in-house expertise and external consultants. Prospective investments are scored on their exposure to and management of ESG factors using our bespoke scoring methodology.

ESG Engagement

Arcmont maintains an open and active dialogue with portfolio companies to continually assess and discuss any identified material ESG risks.


Arcmont is a strong advocate for industry wide ESG standards and we are committed to collaborating with others on ESG integration. As leaders in the Private Debt industry, we play a key role in driving forward the systemic adoption of ESG and accelerating market progress.

Arcmont has a continuous engagement with KKS Advisors, a global ESG advisory firm, to assist in the review and enhancement of the Arcmont ESG investment approach. Arcmont is continually looking for opportunities to enhance its approach to responsible investing and will strive to deliver sustainable investment solutions that are fit for the future.