Team of Specialists

We are a team of more than 100 people, with 40 investment professionals. Our senior team averages 20+ years of experience and has invested through multiple economic cycles.

We have strong national representation for all major countries in Europe, including offices in London, Paris, Luxembourg and Munich and personnel in New York.

We have expertise investing across the capital structure, as well as across the spectrum of performing to challenged situations, giving us the flexibility, knowledge and experience needed to adapt to changing environments. Our experienced team has strong, time-tested relationships with key partners in all European markets, including with businesses, private equity firms, advisers and management teams.

Arcmont is supported by strong Business Development, Client Services, Legal, Compliance, Finance and Fund Administration teams where we strive to offer best-in-class service to portfolio companies and our investors.

Our Culture

At Arcmont, we have a highly professional, entrepreneurial culture where we prioritize strong technical skills, creativity, innovation, teamwork and integrity.

We value people with opinions and encourage vigorous debate. We share a commitment to one another and to our companies, investors and other partners.

Please contact us to learn more.

Team Members

Executive Team

Photo of Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince

Chief Financial Officer

Investment Team

Photo of Mattis Poetter

Mattis Poetter

Photo of Ben Harrild

Ben Harrild

Photo of David Brooks

David Brooks

Photo of Alice Cavalier

Alice Cavalier

Photo of Elisabeth Balasundram

Elisabeth Balasundram

Vice President
Photo of Patric Carlsson

Patric Carlsson

Associate Partner
Photo of Fabien Davoult

Fabien Davoult

Photo of Giovanni Battista Foglia

Giovanni Battista Foglia

Vice President
Photo of Camille Gioffredi

Camille Gioffredi

Vice President
Photo of Leo Katok

Leo Katok

Photo of Gabriel	Keller

Gabriel Keller

Photo of Philip Keller

Philip Keller

Photo of Christopher Kuckei

Christopher Kuckei

Photo of Thomas Maillot

Thomas Maillot

Vice President
Photo of Tommaso Manara

Tommaso Manara

Photo of Pablo Martínez Barthel

Pablo Martínez Barthel

Vice President
Photo of Tobias Mattsson

Tobias Mattsson

Photo of Alessandro Menin

Alessandro Menin

Vice President
Photo of Arthur Le Morvan

Arthur Le Morvan

Vice President
Photo of Arnaud Piens

Arnaud Piens

Photo of Camille Poiree

Camille Poiree

Photo of Fred Nada

Fred Nada

Photo of Jon Reepen

Jon Reepen

Photo of Florian Reuther

Florian Reuther

Photo of Misha Saif

Misha Saif

Vice President
Photo of Alfredo Saralegui

Alfredo Saralegui

Photo of Patrick Schreiber

Patrick Schreiber

Associate Partner
Photo of Amie Taylor

Amie Taylor

Vice President
Photo of Vincent Vitores

Vincent Vitores

Photo of Baptiste Vilain

Baptiste Vilain

Associate Partner

Business Development & Client Services

Photo of David Burnside

David Burnside

Head of Business Development
Photo of Victoria Sellwood

Victoria Sellwood

Head of Client Services
Photo of Jessica Greenhalgh

Jessica Greenhalgh

Head of Marketing
Photo of Olivia Georghiades

Olivia Georghiades

Analyst, Client Services
Photo of Warda Ali

Warda Ali

Senior Associate, Client Services
Photo of Yasemin Altinsoy

Yasemin Altinsoy

Senior Associate, Client Services
Photo of Lucy Douglas

Lucy Douglas

Senior Associate, Client Services
Photo of Ryan Flanders

Ryan Flanders

Director of US Sales, Business Development
Photo of Louisa Franks

Louisa Franks

Senior Associate, Client Services
Photo of Patrick Grennan

Patrick Grennan

Senior Associate, Client Services
Photo of Zeeshan Ikram

Zeeshan Ikram

Associate Partner and Head of Middle East and APAC, Business Development
Photo of Beata Kaminska

Beata Kaminska

Head of French Speaking Europe, Business Development
Photo of James Leder

James Leder

Head of US, Business Development
Photo of Paul Mann

Paul Mann

Director, UK Business Development
Photo of Lynn Mazin

Lynn Mazin

Senior Director, Client Services
Photo of Chris Parsons-Giles

Chris Parsons-Giles

Principal, Client Services
Photo of Armando Piccinno

Armando Piccinno

Head of Italy, Business Development
Photo of Fraser Scotton

Fraser Scotton

Vice President, Client Services
Photo of Johan Stromberg

Johan Stromberg

Head of Nordics and the Netherlands, Business Development