Capital Solutions: An all-weather opportunity set

30th October 2023   |   < 1 minute read

The global economic landscape has undergone significant shifts over the past few years, presenting both daunting challenges and some compelling opportunities for investors.

As traditional lenders and public markets have retreated in the face of market volatility, this has created a window for flexible capital providers to deliver solutions tailored to the complex needs of borrowers today. This white paper will explore how well-positioned, versatile strategies can navigate these evolving dynamics with the potential to generate strong risk-adjusted returns across market cycles.

Over the past three years, financial markets have been unsettled by the Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruption, rising inflation, and the consequential tightening of central bank monetary policies. A multi-pronged, flexible investment approach enables capital solutions providers to pivot between opportunities as the market environment shifts, and can help the strategy bear fruit regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

By examining the major shocks and growth phases over this period, this paper will highlight the ‘all-weather’ nature of a well-positioned capital solutions strategy, illustrating how the opportunity set evolves through the economic cycle and how strong investment teams can capitalise on attractive investment opportunities.

Read the full white paper here.

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